Physician Recruitment

Assiniboine Medical Clinic currently looking to recruit those practicing Family Medicine

Why Assiniboine Clinic?

Assiniboine Medical Clinic is a multi-discipline facility located next to the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg. With a laboratory, EKG, X-ray, physiotherapy, urology, surgery, pharmacy, walk-in, and medical supply store onsite, the clinic is convenient for patients and practitioners alike.

Dedicated medical staff

Each physician at Assiniboine Medical Clinic works with his or her own medical office assistant. This way, your office assistant will become specialized to your practice and your patients, providing you with a personal service you and your patients will appreciate.

Collaborative environment

Assiniboine Medical Clinic is a collaborative environment, where physicians and other staff work together to give their patients the best medical care possible. Nurse practitioners help to alleviate the workload of our physicians, while providing them with the support they need.

We are a large group, giving you access to a wide range of medical knowledge and expertise as well as years of experience.

Technologically advanced

At Assiniboine Medical Clinic, physicians are provided with the latest technology to help them in their practice. Each exam room has a computer to access patient files and X-rays.

Voice dictation using Dragon Medical software is also widely used in our clinic.

Our Electronic Medical Record is quite versatile and able to be used on just about any device with a screen, including smart phones, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Physician and patient privacy is of utmost importance, with all information protected and stored on our secure servers.

Work-life balance

Assiniboine Medical Clinic supports a strong work-life balance philosophy, with physicians setting hours that suit their lives and their schedules. We do have a completely optional walk in clinic available to our physicians. The walk-in clinic is open from 5-7 p.m. daily.  There is no call at this clinic.

Personal benefits

At Assiniboine Medical Clinic, we promote health and well-being, both in our patients and in our physicians. We offer a comprehensive benefits package through Manitoba Blue Cross that protects the health needs of you and your family, so coverage is available when you need it.

 Professional growth

Assiniboine Medical Clinic is the ideal place to grow your career, while giving focus to your home life. It’s a place where you can work for yourself, yet enjoy a supportive environment with other medical professionals and amenities in the same location.

We’re constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing world of medicine and technology, so our physicians can make use of modern innovations and our patients can enjoy the very best in medical care.


Assiniboine Medical Clinic is looking expand its specialty offerings and is open to any specialty.


To get more information on what Assiniboine Medical Clinic has to offer, please contact:

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Assiniboine Medical Clinic

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