Q: Are there any Physicians accepting new patients?

A: Please visit our New Patients section of the site for information relating to becoming a patient of the clinic.

Q: I am bringing a family member who has trouble walking. Do you have a wheelchair we can use?

A: We have several wheelchairs located near our main(North) entrance. These wheelchairs are subject to limited availability as such we ask that they are only used when needed and that they do not leave the premise. We also have an elevator to assist patients trying to reach the upper and lower levels of the clinic.

Q: Who is working the Walk-in Tonight?

A: We do not give out the name of the physician working the walk-in beforehand.

Q: Can I make an appointment for the Walk-in Clinic?

A: Our Walk-in does not accept appointments at all and does not make use of the telephone to accept or register patients. This is to ensure that we can maintain a first come, first served order to the walk-in.

Q: What kind of services do they do in the Walk-in?

A: We prefer to keep our walk-in focused on acute and immediate issues. Because of this we will not do routine physical examinations in our walk-in.  Tasks such as Paperwork/forms, Travel injections and removal of stitches will be at the discretion of the practicing physician.

Q: What is an uninsured Service?

A: An Uninsured service is a service provided by the physician that is not covered under Manitoba Health.

Q: How are uninsured services paid?

A: Uninsured services must be paid at the time of the service is rendered. Forms completed by the physician will not be sent to the requesting company or released to the patient until the service has been paid for. At the Assiniboine Medical Clinic we accept Cash, Debit, Master Card, Visa and Cheque.

Q: Is there a place to get something to eat at the Assiniboine Clinic?

A: Unfortunately at this time, there is no cafeteria service. There are vending a machine available for patient use.

Q: Why do we now have to pay for uninsured services?

A: Physicians are paid in a system called "Fee-for-Service". This means that they are paid piecemeal for each service rendered. They are not paid a salary. When they see a patient, do a procedure and/or fill out a form, an invoice is submitted to Manitoba Health. For an uninsured service, an invoice cannot be sent to Manitoba Health and, as such, it is then the responsibility of the patient to pay.

Q: Why do the links to other sites not work?

A: When visiting another webpage via a link from the Assiniboine Medical Clinic's webpage, it opens in a new window. Please make sure that your web browser does not prohibit new windows from opening.

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